Gaia Faravelli lug 20, 2019 Wine World 0 Comments

In our family some traditions have passed on from generations to generations. Our great grandma Angiolina was a great guardian of traditions. She strongly believed in the influence of the Moon on our lives and on wine too.

Before new technologies arrived, moon phases played an integral role in the wine bottling process. If you are a believer, follow these simple rules.
1. Look at your lunar calendar and keep in mind that still wines are bottled anytime throughout the year, new wines are bottled during the old moon cycle.
2. Look now at the different lunar phases. Tradition wants that no wine is bottled during the new moon cycle, while during the full moon, any type of wine can be bottled. During the first quarter of the moon, sparking wines are bottled and during the last quarter, it’s best to bottle sweet wines or wines suitable for aging.
3. Wines that are to be consumed within one year are best bottled during March. Wines that are to be consumed past the one-year mark are usually bottled in September.

Good work!

Moscato LUNA