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"Il vino è la poesia della terra"

Mario Soldati

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The origin of the Faravelli family and a century of traditions. 1895 represents our way to say thanks to our ancestors for having passed on this great passion for wine.

1895 is a purple red barbera. It's intense, fruity, harmonious, with hints of dark cherries and liqueured plum fruits. It's soft, juicy, with good acidity and energy.
It is well combined with savoury starters, roast, braised and boiled meats, mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: 16-18° C

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Volpara, the land of Moscato.

Moscato of yellow colour with golden hints.It's aromatic, intense, delicate, with hints of white flowers. Its taste is sweet, pleasant, slightly effervescent.
It is well combined with all desserts, fruit and fruit salads.

Serving temperature: 8-10° C

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The elegant sweetness of our "Blood of Juda". In the vineyard called Molinazzo, Croatina Barbera and Vespolina grapes ripen together for the production of this particular wine.

Molinazzo is a naturally sparkling wine with an intense crimson-red colour. Full bodied and vinous, with notes of violets together with raspberry and blueberry jams, this wine is smooth and fragrant, delicate and fresh. It is best enjoyed while the wine is young.
It is well combined with all kinds of desserts, fruit tarts and fine pastries.

Serving temperature: 15° C

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Oltrepò Pavese and Pinot Noir, a special relationship.

From the vinification of 100% Pinot Nero grapes comes Moretto, a brilliant red wine. Its bouquest is elegant, intense, with notes of black currants and marasca cherries. The palate is soft and lightly savoury.
It is perfect throughout any meal, particularly suitable for all kinds of meat, salami and medium matured cheeses.

Serving temperature: 18° C

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In our dialect "tramés" stands for "between". Oltrepò Pavese, a crossing land between Piemonte and Emilia, was a crossing land in ancient times, when from the Ligurian coasts merchants walked the Salt Road to reach the richest villages in Northern Italy.

Of yellow colour, this wine is particularly fruity, elegant, fresh, with special mineral notes. Its taste is fresh, harmonic and pleasantly fruity.
Tramés is perfect throughout any meal, particularly suitable with salads, starters, sea-food, shellfish and light snacks. The best for your happy hour.
Serving temperature: 9° C

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