The vineyards

Despite its ancient origins, Cantine Vitea is a young reality in Oltrepò Pavese. Since 2007 the winery has gone through many changes, that make it today a jewel in the heart of Val Versa. Its geographic position, on the border with Santa Maria della Versa, ensures an excellent sunlight exposure to grapes, at a height of 230 - 275 m a.s.l., and is characterized by a clayey and calcareous land. The property has an extension of about ten hectares of vineyards, which surround the cellar and are managed according to Integrated Production models (Measure 10.1.01 PSR EU). The work in the vineyards is so done following respectful criteria about the territory.

The cellar

Ancestors' teachings are at the base of working processes, supported by a modern technology, that takes care of the wine during its whole permanence in the cellar. The winery has always invested in new technologies, but the most important changes are those made in 2008. Since then, Vitea has an efficient grape pressing system, complete with all the machineries needed to transform musts in red, white and sparkling wines. Stainless steel tanks are attached to an automatic temperature control system, which maintains the product at a fixed temperature.

In the cellar we choose not to use animal co-products, in order to preserve must’s naturalness. When wine is ready, we proceed with bottling and packaging processes. The whole production, overseen by a trusted enologist, takes place in our firm.

Our full and exclusive control enables us to guarantee Vitea quality. This is the proof of a deep knowledge of winemaking, a knowledge that for generations has been passed on and today appears in the enthusiasm of younger generations.

La cantina di Vitea