Biodiversity in Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese is a territory rich in plants and wild animals. Lush flowers and trees surround vineyards, where you can easily find jackrabbits, badgers, foxes and many other species, attracted by the luxuriant environment, where they find food and sites for reproduction. The safeguard of this heritage is a choice and a duty.

Integrated production

In order to meet this need, we have chosen to adopt Integrated Production models. Even today very few people know about Integrated Production, a cultivation method that takes advantage of natural antagonists of pests. Integrated farming practices are recognized and regulated by the Rural Development Programme of the European Union. This method may be considered the right compromise between traditional farming and the organic one, since it foresees a drastic reduction of pesticides, taking different precautions. In particular we exclude phytosanitary products, classified as harmful and toxic for human health and environment,  and we limit treatments only in cases of suspected infection. Moreover, to preserve the soil from erosion, we leave the ground totally free of vegetation. This ensures a perfect setting for insects and increases biodiversity.

Our work is carefully monitored by our local agronomist and project examiners of “ViNO” (Oltrepo’ Biodiverso) équipe, a research project that has already classified in Oltrepò Pavese 94 bird species and 53 butterflies types, some of them in danger of extinction. This is an important natural heritage, that needs to be protected. Therefore it is necessary the adoption of farming practices with low environmental impact, which help within climate changes and reduce unhealthy pollutant emissions in the air.